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I Didn't Learn to Love

I Didn’t Learn to Love

- Nishnawbe Aski Nation, 2005 -

When I was at home my brother and sisters and I were always together and we played outside a lot. Our life was harmonious and full of love. I still remember my mother’s approving smile when we had completed our little tasks. And I remember sitting on my father’s lap and falling asleep there, feeling so comfortable, loved and relaxed. When I was at residential school the teachers were mean to me because I couldn’t speak English and I would get strapped if I spoke my own language. The supervisor of the dormitory forced us to clean up quickly and do our chores and threatened us if we did not got straight to bed at night and go to sleep. Everyone was mean to me, even the priest. No one loved me. As a result I don’t think I ever learned how to love anyone.