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- Nishnawbe Aski Nation Indian Residential Schools in Ontario, 2005 -

There was no regular maintenance program for repairs and upkeep to the buildings and physical services at the schools because insufficient funds were made available for that purpose by the department. Therefore, most of the schools were in a constant state of disrepair. An example of the general state of disrepair is provided by the Superintendent of Welfare and Training who wrote to the Superintendent General of Department in 1942 giving the following account of Mount Elgin school:

This building represents a style of architecture that has long since been abandoned. The ceilings are at least 12 feet high and the cost of heading from year to year must be enormous. However, the building is of brick construction and from the outside presents a somewhat imposing appearance, but inside it is one of the most dilapidated structures that I have ever inspected...[1]

[1] RG 10, Vol. 6185, File 460-5, part 2. Telegram to Philip Phelan from Ft. Henri Belleau, August 23, 1939.