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- Nishnawbe Aski Nation Indian Residential Schools in Ontario, 2005 - 

The food eaten by the students varied from school to school. The variations arose partly as a result of the gardening, farming and other activities, which occurred at each school. For example, at Mount Elgin it was noted in one of the annual reports that “the management of the milk cows is worthy of mention. The institute has been kept in meat, butter and milk and the cream sold has averaged more than $200 a month.  Information related to the diet of the students is also provided in the monthly reports provided by the Indian Agents. However, it should be noted that it is very likely that the Indian Agent only included those items, which he ate when he visited the school. So, for example, one Indian Agent reported that the children’s meals consisted of “potato soup, peanut butter, fruit cake, bread and milk[1].”

[1] RG 10, Vol. 6185, File 460-5, part 2. Letter, Bishop Henri Belleau, Moosonee to Philip Phelan, September 2, 1941.